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Scrum has no meetings

Posted By on 21 Avr 2013

Sprint Planning: It’s not a meeting.  It’s an opportunity for collaborative software development. Daily Standup: It’s not a meeting.  It’s an opportunity to share a goal and see how it interacts with the other team member’s goals. Sprint Review: It’s not a meeting.  It’s an opportunity to showcase the most amazing piece of software ever and realize that it can be even better. Sprint...

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“..the role of leaders should include the stewardship of the living rather than the management of the machine.” Stoos Network Management 3.0 is a class for people interested in bettering the practice of management in their organizations.  It’s based on Jurgen Appelo’s very popular book, which examines the kind of management thinking and doing needed to support complex and nonlinear work, such as — but certainly not limited to — Agile...

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