10 signs that the collaboration between a Product Owner and a development team is defective

Posted By on Mai 17, 2010

  1. No one knows who the Product owner is
  2. Tasks in Sprint Backlog are dictated by the Product Owner
  3. The team’s default behaviour is to assume what the Product Owner wants
  4. The Product Owner doesn’t understand that great new feature presented during the Sprint Review
  5. All features presented during the Sprint Review are refused by the Product Owner
  6. Items in the Product Backlog are estimated and prioritized by an architect
  7. A Blackberry is the Product Owner’s main tool during a Retrospective
  8. The Product Owner’s main argument during a Sprint Planning is: I don’t care. It has to fit!
  9. The team’s response is: Ok, we’ll make it fit! (Squirrel Burger)
  10. Sprint Planning, Sprint Reviews and Retrospective are all perceived as overhead!


  1. 11. The Product Owner seems to be the only one creative

  2. 12. Team actually refuses to do a story (without presenting an alternative solution).

    …PO and team need to engage with one another as human beings.

  3. How about 13. The team ‘demo’ the feature using Power Point(instead of working software) and the PO thinks they’ve done a good job.

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