Posts made in décembre, 2009

A Christmas Retrospective

Posted By on 14 Déc 2009

‘Twas the night before Christmas And Santa was busy Trying to grasp Why things got so crazy But the plan was perfect Created by experts But the elves on the floor Knew so much more What if we’d Scrummed it Our Santa as P.O. An ordered  backlog And of course the retros A Sprint 0 in March And a start in April A review every month And see if we’re able But Agile it wasn’t And waterfall it was So we found out too...

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I just want my coffee!

Posted By on 1 Déc 2009

My current client is located near a McDonald’s so it has become my office away from the office. The main features of this location are wireless internet connection and of course, lots of coffee. To my surprise, the coffee at McD’s is pretty good! But getting a cup of it is a tad bitter. The procedure to “efficiently” serve clients is quite evident. The cashier takes the order, punches it in the register, the bill comes out and adds it...

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