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How do we go about to instill an Agile mindset and help teams deliver quality solutions?  The two main strategies are the “Big Bang” and pilot project approach.   I’ve never had the opportunity to go ahead with a Big Bang, so the alternative has been to find a cool project, get a team together, Scrum the hell out of it and watch all the nasty stuff come up.  With a few lessons learned and improved processes, start up a second team and...

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Meeting Expectations

Posted By on 10 Sep 2010

A member of a team I’m working with recently observed that the team’s design workshops were much more effective when she (and everyone else) came to the meeting prepared with an agenda, examples of the problem space and some other concise reference materials related to the design discussions. Having this pre-work (and pre-thinking) in place made the meeting flow smoothly and helped participants understand the context for the decisions...

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