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Devil’s Project

Posted By on 30 Oct 2010

Don’t update that burndown chart Close your eyes and stay in the dark If the ghouls and goblins were to see It would mean trouble for you and me Those demons are really scary Filling the Backlog with all kinds of stories Scope is increasing by the hour If they don’t stop soon, their heads they will devour Transparency is evil when facing complexity Mischief is easier under the cover of opacity They hate the daylight,...

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It’s been a tough but fulfilling week.  Did some coaching, facilitated a retrospective and gave a session on dirty backlogs.  But now the week is over and I finally get to go home and give a huge hug to my 11 year old resource! You might have guessed, but I’m talking about daughter who I love more than anything!  But since she’s simply a resource, I can easily replace her with any 11 year old kid and it’ll work just fine.  I get home,...

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