Definition of DONE of an Agile Transition.

Posted By on Août 31, 2010

Any questions?


  1. ???

  2. ???

    You have question on the question’s question?

  3. Salut Eric. I tought I’d go see one of your posts. Nice way to spark a discussion. So done is never done. Done is just the begining of next step of a continuous process. To answer your question. No. Take care.

  4. -André
    Nice way of putting it! Thanks!

  5. Interesting!

    Simple, yet complex at the same time.

    It sums it up.

  6. Simple : 4 values, 12 principles.
    Complex : People.

  7. so what?

    Interesting topic, question is:
    – what’s the Vision of your Transition?
    – Assess the Structure
    – who is the sponsor? top-down, bottom-up, middle….
    – what’s the roadmap?
    – why? why? why? why? why?
    – are you ready?
    – set up the goals: acceptance criterias

  8. I love the «why? why? why? why? why?» !

    Getting to the root cause of the wanted transition. The final answers might prove to be quite interesting.

    Thanks Pierre.

  9. i love it 😉

  10. Rémi,

    You should know! 😉


  1. Eric Laramée - RT @TopsyRT: Definition of DONE of an Agile Transition.

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