Agile Coach Camp Canada East 2015 in Cornwall – we’ll be there!

Posted By on Mai 19, 2015

We were there in 2008 near Detroit, Michigan, for the very first Agile Coach Camp in the world.

DSC_0110 DSC_0038

We were there in 2010 when they held the first Agile Coach Camp Canada.

We organized the following ones, in 2011 (Montreal) and 2012 (Ottawa), and were participants in 2013 (Toronto) and 2014 (Guelph).

The Market Place

The Market Place

Ready for the stick


The Space is closed

The Space is closed

This year again, we won’t miss the 6th Agile Coach Camp Canada in Cornwall, three weeks from now (June 5th-7th). Register here while there are some places left!

See you there 😉

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