Devil’s Project

Posted By on Oct 30, 2010

Don’t update that burndown chart
Close your eyes and stay in the dark
If the ghouls and goblins were to see
It would mean trouble for you and me

Those demons are really scary
Filling the Backlog with all kinds of stories
Scope is increasing by the hour
If they don’t stop soon, their heads they will devour

Transparency is evil when facing complexity
Mischief is easier under the cover of opacity
They hate the daylight, «it’s no fun», they say
Turn off those lights so they can run and play

But Devil’s project is almost over
The sun will shine sooner or later
If the ghouls and goblins weren’t sacred before
Just you wait ‘til they open that door

Happy Halloween! MooHAHAHAHA!

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  1. Nice!

    I see Zombies every day going to their workplace – no more life into them until they discover Scrum.

    Does Scrum bring people back to life? I wonder…


  1. Eric Laramée - Happy Halloween all you Scrumsters!
  2. Martin Proulx - Devil's Project

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