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We offer to tailor our services to fit your needs.

Self Selection Workshop

They were able to choose their career, their employer, etc. Would it be possible that they could also be good at choosing their team?

We will guide you in your journey to Self Selection, building great teams that will be more engaged on fulfilling your business goals.

More specifically, we will:

    • Help managers establish their goals and constraints related to the Self Selection;
    • Bring awareness and support to the teams that will be involved;
    • Plan the workshop together, including logistics and facilitation;
    • Onboard your coaches to give them autonomy in this process; and
    • Participate to the workshop, either by facilitating or co-facilitating it with your coach team.

Liftoff Workshop

Liftoff your team towards exceptional results!
We will accompany you during the liftoff of your next project, product or functionality set. Our goal: making sure your team is aligned with the organization’s and product’s vision and that the context is commonly understood, enabling them to start the work at hand.

Throughout this workshop (a day or two), we will build :

    • A team that includes teammates, a client (or its representative) and a coach for the team;
    • An estimated and prioritized Product Backlog, having its first items refined enough to engage them in a Sprint;
    • A brief Agile Chart or Team Chart;
    • A common and shared knowledge of the client’s vision, the work that needs to be done, desired ways of operating and the project context.

We will use various workshops and methods to efficiently and rapidly reach these objectives.

Workshop and Meeting Facilitation

Global Contribution, Motivation and Engagement; three of many emerging benefits of having a good facilitator in your meetings.

In today’s world, Communication, Teamwork and Collective Intelligence are corner stones for success. Great facilitation will enable your organization to thrive at reaching their goals efficiently.

Our facilitators will help you :

    • Clearly identify your objectives;
    • Build an agenda and the activities that will support the process;
    • Clarify the requirements that need to be met before the meeting;
    • Facilitate the meeting, making sure we are remaining on track pertaining to the previously identified objectives;
    • Clarify action items that arose during the meeting, making sure they are well defined, understood and owned (for follow ups);
    • Operate a retrospective on the meeting to gather inputs on the relevance of its outcome and possible ways of optimizing for the next time.

Our dynamism, listening, efficiency and experience will certainly ensure that your meeting achieves its objectives.

Engineering Excellency Workshops

An agile transformation without transforming our pratices is pure wishful thinking.

We will help you leverage the best practices used across the industry through our series of workshops that combine both theory and practice to help you leverage you new learnings. Whether you want to learn BDD, ATDD, TDD, Clean Code, Clean Architecture, or DevOps Culture and Practices, we are your “one stop shop” to Continuous Learning. We can tailor our content to your needs and context. Our goal is simple: take your team where they are and help them get where they want to be.

Our workshops use various methods and practices to facilitate our teaching:

    • Mob Programming
    • Learning with Legos
    • Collaborative games

Reach out to discuss with us your needs and how we can help you to meet them.
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