Éric Laramée presents the catalysts to the commitment of an Agile team at Agile Tour Montreal 2013 (French)

The Agile Organization with Stéphane Lecuyer (French)

In an interview with Éric Laramée, Stéphane Lecuyer share his vision of organization. The subjects discussed in the open format interview include:

– The definition of an Agile organization

– The Agile organization, why?

– The importance of the Agile manifest

– The role of middle management

– Servant Leadership

– The Agile organization : is it possible?


Stéphane Lécuyer

Manifeste Agile

The Power of Servant Leadership

The Lean Startup

Lean Change

Start with Why

Agile Tour Montreal 2015 – Éric Laramée participates to the discussion panel about Agile organizations (French)

Mathieu L. Lafond shares his experience as Scrum Master at La Presse+ (French)

Build Your Dreams User Requirements Gathering with LEGO Serious Play

Ellen Grove presents People are weird: how non-rational decision making will mess you up

Ellen Grove presents Everything Is Better When We Stick Together


Discussion about Valve : Handbook for New Employees (French)

Empirical process to serve the organization’s vision (French)

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