Training from the Back of the Room

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It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” — Albert Einstein

Take your training skills to a more advanced level as you discover how the human brain really learns, which is very different from traditional assumptions about learning.

Explore the most current cognitive neuroscience about effective instruction – how the brain takes in, stores, retrieves and uses knowledge. Discover six powerful learning principles based on the best of brain science, then apply these principles every time you train, teach, or coach others.

These Accelerated Learning principles go hand-in-hand with team-based Agile and Scrum processes and principles. If you are an Agile coach or Scrum trainer, you will be especially pleased to discover how to combine Agile/Scrum concepts with collaborative learner-engagement.

During this dynamic, two-day training program, you will also practice using the 4Cs instructional design map with the content you teach, regardless of the complexity of the topic, size of the class, or level of learners. The 4Cs is a brain-based, four-step, Accelerated Learning instructional design model now used by hundreds of trainers around the world.

Leave this train-the-trainer event with a trainer’s toolbag of practical, brain-based instructional strategies you can put to use immediately in your own training programs.

Learning outcomes for this course

After participating in this informative and interactive program, you will be able to:

  • Explain and define the most current brain science about human learning — information that is directly applicable to all instruction, whether in classrooms, one-on-one, or computer-based.
  • Apply “The Six Trumps” — six learning principles based on brain science that will significantly enhance learning and retention, regardless of the content being taught.
  • Recognize these six learning principles in action.
  • Use these principles in any learning environment: classroom, elearning, one-on-one, small and large group instruction.
  • Combine brain science and technology and enhance learning by using both in creative, collaborative ways.
  • Access new resources that will expand your knowledge of the most current brain science about human learning.
  • Utilize a trainer’s toolbag of practical tips and activities — a collection of best practices that you created during the training program.
  • For Agile coaches and Scrum trainers: Combine Agile and Scrum processes and principles with Accelerated Learning to create collaborative, interactive, fun and memorable learning experiences.

Each Participant will Receive:

  • A copy of the Sharon’s newest book “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick”
  • A copy of the best-selling book “Training from the BACK of the Room: 65 Ways to Step Aside and Let Them Learn”
  • A copy of the 55-page participant workbook that is only available with this course and that includes great resources to use after the class is over.
  • A collection of brain-activating tools – games, activities and learning aids – that can be used in the participant’s own training programs
  • A certificate of completion, suitable for framing


Who should come to this class?

If you design and deliver training sessions and workshops, this class is essential!   It’s also really useful for people who present at conferences, and the concepts can be applied to many group process situations (such as team meetings)  to improve engagement and retention.

Are there any prerequisites?

None at all!  Bring your enthusiasm for sharing knowledge with others.

Who will be leading this class?

Ellen Grove is an experienced trainer, facilitator and organizational change agent. Learning Training from the Back of the Room techniques changed her life as an Agile coach and frequent giver of workshops at client sites and conferences all over the world..

Glenn Waters is an executive and Agile coach who likes to shake things up and use playful techniques to get people to learn and cocreate together.


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