Pascal Drouin


Agile and Technical Excellency Coach

I have been involved in web application development my whole career (15 years +). I’m passionate by every aspect of it. Always aim for simplicity. Make it work, then make it beautiful.

For the past few years, I’ve started coaching on agility, devops, technical excellency and quality. I also gave training and did my first public speaking event (Agile Tour Montreal 2019)

Coaching expertise: meeting facilitation, workshops, coaching and mentoring (individuals and teams), TDD, BDD, Example Mapping, Impact Mapping, Scrum

Technical expertise: Fullstack Java and Javascript web developer, mentoring on automated testing, TDD, ATDD, Clean Code, Clean Architecture, development best practices and patterns.

I worked with teams both locally (Montreal) and internationally distributed (New-York, London, Dusseldörf, Paris, Sydney)

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