Stéphane Bourque

Coach, trainer, speaker

I believe that we are at a turning point about how organizations dealing with complexity are interacting with their workforce. I believe that an organization that is being more human-centric is not forfeiting performance, but rather investing in its sustainability and resiliency. Simply put, an organization and the people composing it should not be two, but one.

My goal is to help organizations and teams with their desire to apply agile principles and values, learning with them while reaping the benefits of agility without being dogmatic about it.

I have been interested and learned about agility, team dynamics, facilitation and continuous improvement for many years. Having been a manager for the best part of my career, I have been applying agile ideas, values and principles with the people working with me but have been using ScrumMaster skills with a team only in the last few years.

I developed a strong interest in creating and facilitating events. I did facilitate Open Space events, World Cafés, Delegation Poker and different Gamestorming events to help crowds generate and share ideas and create a plan to put them into action.

My long experience as a manager helps me understand the “gap” that has emerged between the way we traditionally managed teams and how today’s workplace is about fostering teams that are self-organized, continually improving and aiming for high-performance while enjoying the time they work together.

I am an Agile Coach and a certified ScrumMaster since 2008 (ScrumAlliance) with a technical background and experience as a manager in Information Technology. I also strongly believe that my skills and my goal are compatible with organization in other fields than Information Technology (IT).