Management 3.0

Agile organizations need agile leadership. There’s plenty of guidance out there for developers, testers, and project managers about what to do and how to do it, but managers also need to understand how their roles are changing as their organization becomes increasing agile.  Management 3.0 is a 2-day workshop designed to provide managers with new ideas and concrete practices for helping their organization.

In a Management 3.0 workshop, you’ll learn by doing while working in small groups with your peers.  The topics we’ll explore include:

  • What motivates creative knowledge workers
  • How organizational structure can impede agility, and what to do about it
  • How to incrementally increase agile practices without causing major disruption
  • New management and leadership practices that have been proven to work in modern organizations
  • How to start shifting organizational culture
  • How to develop an agile mindset.
  • Practical management workouts that can be used immediately with teams – Delegation Poker, Moving Motivators, and more!

Upcoming Management 3.0 public 2-day workshops:

Montreal: TBD

Ottawa: TBD

Or, if you’d like to talk about a custom Management 3.0 workshop for your organization or bringing a public workshop to your town, contact us!