Isabelle Therrien

Isa1Isabelle is a Scrum Master, Agile coach and trainer. She also holds an MBA from HEC Montreal. With more than 15 years experience in software development, over the past 8 years she has gained deep experience with Agile values and principles. Her enthusiasm, leadership and creativity could be at your service to help create a stimulating and motivating work place.

Throughout her career, she has coached software development teams, documentation teams, ergonomic specialists, TI infrastructure teams and enterprise transformation projects to assist them in discovering Agile values, principals and practices that are meaningful in their context.

She has always been a passionate communicator. For several years, she spoke at many agile conferences : Agile 2009, XP Days Paris et Genève, Agile Montréal, PMI-Montréal, IIBA and Agile Tour Ottawa, Montréal et Québec. She has also provided training to private business groups several times in the last eight years.

She was invited for speaking at multiple places:

  • 2019
    • May 9th, Événement Les Affaires Gestion Agile : “Appliquez les principes agiles pour mettre sur pied des équipes multidisciplinaires autonomes et performantes”, in collaboration with Éric Laramée (Agile Partnership)
  • 2018
  • 2017
    • Nov 30th, Agile Tour Montréal : “Mieux décoller pour mieux atterrir” (15 min format)
  • 2016
    • Nov 16th, Agile Tour Montréal : “3,2,1… Liftoff – getting your team off to a great start”, in collaboration with Ellen Grove (Agile Partnership)
    • Nov 16th, Agile Tour Montréal : “Rénovez vos mêlées quotidiennes”
    • April 13th, Agile Montréal : “Rêver l’organisation Agile”, in collaboration with Éric Laramée (Agile Partnership)
    • Feb 24th, IIBA : “Décollage de projet Agile”
  • 2015
    • Nov 18th, Webinaire du PMI-Montréal : « Agilité : éléments fondamentaux et pièges à éviter »
    • Nov 13th, Agile Tour Montréal : “Communautés de pratique”
    • Sept 9th, Agile Montréal : « Démarrage de projet Agile »
    • April 9th, PMI-Montréal : « En avril, parlons Agile »
  • 2014
    • Nov 15th, Agile Tour Montréal : « Démarrage de projet Agile »
  • 2013
    • Nov 9th, Agile Tour Montréal : « Bon coach, bad coach », in collaboration with Nicolas Mivielle (Ubisoft)
  • 2012
    • November, Agile Tour Montréal, Ottawa et Québec : « Comment décider quand on est 7 à le faire? », in collaboration with Vincent Cléroux (Pyxis)
  • 2009
    • August 12th, Agile 2009 (Chicago) : « From anarchy to sustainable development: Scrum in less than ideal conditions”, in collaboration with Erik Lebel (Pyxis)
    • May 25th, XP Days (Paris) : « Un projet extrêmement ambitieux et flou utilisant les technologies les plus récentes, distribuées sur plusieurs continents »,in collaboration with Alexandre Ribeiro (BeTomorrow) and Emmanuel Bouton (Orange Business Services)
    • March 30th, XP Days (Genève) : « Du développement efficace à 20 personnes sur 2 continents, c’est possible! »
    • March 12th, Agile Montréal : « Un projet extrêmement ambitieux et flou utilisant les technologies les plus récentes, avec une équipe répartie sur deux continents,… vous avez dit risqué? », in collaboration with Erik Lebel (Pyxis)

Some of the companies Isabelle worked with

  • Desjardins
  • Ubisoft
  • La Presse et Nuglif
  • Ivanhoe Cambridge
  • LightSpeed
  • Mirametrix
  • Ministère de l’Immigration du Québec (MICC)
  • TD Assurance
  • Directeur Général du Québec

Some testimonials

Isabelle is a skilled and versatile coach. She was able to help a wide range of leads ramp up their skills, as well as quickly understand our reality and offer sound strategies for improvement.

– Jesse Henderson, Development Director at Ubisoft

I worked with Isabelle on a project that spanned several years. As acting coach and ScrumMaster and in the face of extensive challenges, she brought an upbeat enery and worked hard to perpetuate continuous improvement to the project and its teams.

I also had the pleasure of co-authoring with Isabelle our experience report on said project “From Anarchy to Sustainable Development: Scrum in Less than Ideal Conditions.” Thank you Isabelle, I wouldn’t have done it without you.

– Érik Lebel, Software Developer


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